A bit about us

Hi, my name is Sally and I’d like to thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me and what we do at Paws Here. I love what I do and hope you will too.

I started the Paws Here pet boutique with one goal in mind –– to make the pets in your lives feel that little bit more special and loved. After a career spanning 25 years running a successful recruitment business in central London I lost my job, got married and relocated to Scotland where I decided to make my next move something more personal, more passionate.Fast forward to the present, and here I am. I’ve always been an ardent animal lover,  proud pet owner, and huge supporter of animal welfare. Which is why I have ensured that a key aspect of Paws Here was about giving back 5% of our profits to deserving charitable causes. Currently we are proud to support Serbia’s Forgotten Paws  who work diligently to rehome dogs that deserve a second chance. 

I’m always open to suggestions for new charities who wish to partner with us in future, so please get in touch! One of the best parts of this new adventure is testing the products with real pets! This ensures that we road test accessories and essentials with care and thoughtfulness. Our paws-on ‘Testing Team’ from our ever growing network of past and present customers means you get authentic star ratings from real, genuine folks with a passion for their pets. Just like you. Our vision is clear for Paws Here. It’s all about high quality items that are fun, useful and will add a little more loveliness to you and your pets lives every day.

Sally currently lives with two Battersea rescue cats, Woody and Buzz and their new GSD puppy who is beautiful and very chewy!

Committed to giving

Serbia’s Forgotten Paws was established in 2012 when a small group of like-minded individuals came together to support a dog shelter in Nis, Serbia.  The shelter had evolved over many years and Jelena - who was running it at the time - had become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of dogs she was trying to care for on her own. There was no money to pay for workers. Dogs were kept in small, makeshift enclosures  meaning they were living very poor conditions. By the time they were all fed and watered, there was no time to exercise them. During Serbia’s very hot summers and freezing winters they had no adequate protection from the elements which led to the more vulnerable dogs perishing. The charity had one goal: to improve the lives of the shelter dogs. 

At first it was a struggle and the volunteers used up most of their own savings to keep the dogs healthy. In 2014 Serbia’s Forgotten Paws was finally registered as a UK charity, giving confidence to supporters and making donating easier. Through the generosity of its supporters, the shelter became a safer and healthier place for dogs, they were able to fundraise for a very large exercise run meaning more dogs could be exercised safely. There  now have 3 exercise runs at the shelter in Nis. Now offering shelter to dogs, cats, horses , donkeys and even piglets,  over the last few years they have been able to run CNR (catch, neuter, release) schemes in the local area and throughout Serbia to humanely control the stray population of both cats and dogs. By neutering they make sure animals stay healthier, happier and safer. It is the kindest way to end the suffering.

Paws-Here became a supporter through contact with our own cats veterinary nurse, who is a UK ambassador for the charity, the Paws-Here supported charity is reviewed annually, so if you wish to recommend one close to your heart, please email us at: sales@paws-here.com

Our testers

Our Paws Here Tester Team is a group of independent Testers who are Paws-Here customers and people who they refer.

The criteria is that they need to complete an unbiased review and no money changes hands for their services The review covers everything from how it arrives through the post, what is their pets initial reaction? Would they buy it for a friend? Is it good value and good quality? In return for their honesty, they receive a free product every month followed by a questionnaire about their pets “user experience”. At the moment we have 11 dogs and 8 cats who look forward to their monthly delivery!

If they review a product that isn’t as good as expect, we drop it!

The age range and geographical location of the Pet Testers varies from babyhood through to maturity and their owners ages range from 25-65. They are based throughout the whole of the UK.

If you would like to become a Tester please email me your name and contact details to sales@paws-here.com, I would love to hear from you and  I will put you on the waiting list.