About Us

Paws-Here is the leading on line pet store for all your Dog and Cat needs.

Combining our love of Cats, Dogs and Shopping, our listings have been chosen with love and care focussing on quality, purpose and style.  

We are especially proud of our Made in Great Britain Department showcasing the best of the UK in terms of tradition, materials and quality of manufacture.

At the heart of our business is recognition of the Love and Fun that our pets bring into our lives.

We love pets and the pleasure they bring us, we love shopping for the things that will show them how much we care and we love sharing the things we have found that we think are great!

A donation from every sale made goes to the charity which at the moment is Serbia's Forgotten Paws, if you would like to recommend a charity we would love to hear from you.

We hope that you choose Paws-Here to be go to brand when you are looking for new products for your pets.