In Anticipation of New Paws Around the Paws-Here House

The anticipation of ‘Gotcha’ Day’ for a new set of paws arriving to a household is something you never forget. 


We get giddy with anticipation for the arrival of a new pet, and for my money I’d venture to say it even outperforms Christmas morning. Hands down.

At least you know what you’re getting.

Or you think you know what you’re getting?

There are so many variables and What If’s surrounding the whole transfer of paw power (from a breeder or rescue to the new guardians) that the possibilities and adrenaline can send us reeling. 

Reeling in excitement, reeling in anticipation, reeling in anxiety? Panicking about supplies and accessories to settle them in? What food? Will they bond? Will they love me? Most of all WILL THEY LOVE ME???


It’s a tricky proposition 

Choosing to own a pet whether it be cat, dog or the ‘Other’ category is a grown up decision. One that merits careful thought and consideration.

You have to trust in the process that you will ideally bond and not have one of those pets that ends up on an episode on Animal Planet. You know, the ones being psychoanalysed by celebrity Pet Experts who have to swoop in and save the day. Or possibly your marriage as an indirect result.

What we all wish for is a pleasant and glorious experience of welcoming an animal into our home to become part of the family. 

We can’t speak their language, but we make up our own. We can’t always understand what they’re saying, but we like to think we do. And when they get away with murder misbehaving we already know that we won’t be scolding them too seriously or with any real intent. 

Because we humans LOVE our pets, and for the most part, They own Us. Make no mistake.


There’s a new pup in town

We’re on this topic because of a little newsflash which is that Sally, proprietor of Paws-Here, is about to become the proud new owner of a German Shepherd puppy in short order. 

Sally always wanted a dog, but was never able to in her youth. Cut to the present and this is actually happening. It’s something she has longed for, even though her felines have been ever present and provided a lot of love and companionship. A puppy was always that elusive item on the wish list. And so here we are, with bated breath and an abundance of anticipation. 


Gotcha’ Day is a term widely used within the pet community to be an additional celebratory day for our four legged friends, because don’t we all need a reason to spoil them a bit more? Sally’s is imminent, March 20th to be precise.


Meet Leia!


(Leia at 6 weeks) 

On initial inspection she looks to be a real heartbreaker! She shares the same birthday as Sally’s father, which is a nice dovetail to join the family!

Leia has some highbrow background, as she is sired by ‘Ch.Hettle Di Case Mary (IMP ITA)’ who was Best of Breed in Crufts 2019!

Leia’s Kennel Club pedigree name is officially ‘Saddlers Hill Under The Sun’.


Down the rabbit hole you go

It goes without saying, like any couple going through a newly discovered pregnancy, a pet owner getting something new can result in a myriad of internet wormholes. 

Oh sure, Sally’s had cats before, but never her very own dog. Being a responsible dog owner means getting up to speed on all things dog. All things puppy related. All things on all things you could possibly need to know about owning a new dog.

And this is where things can get messy.

You innocently search for ‘puppy food’. You end up with pages on brands, vet recommendations, wet versus dry and then you spot an intriguing question that appears on a Pet Forum.

Ah, the Pet Forum of discussion. THE place for earnest owners, keyboard pet experts and wannabe ‘star forum posters’. Once you’ve entered that realm, you’re done for.  

You’ve entered the rabbit hole and can easily whittle away hours and hours scrutinising the pro’s and con’s of every type of food, feeding schedule, brand, vessel with which to provide the food in, and what to expect poop-wise when it makes it’s transit to it’s final destination.

But that’s just one topic. 

There’s collars, beds, harnesses, toys, potty training, obedience training. What are their free roaming parameters in the house? Will they sleep on your bed? Sleep alone? Sleep in a crate? Do you use a crate? Why don’t you have a crate? What do you mean you don’t have that puppy training book? Everyone knows that’s the bible!

It’s an endless stream of possible discussion, and there are a lot of passionate answer suppliers out there.

What is important is that you choose to make of it all what you will, and do what feels right for you. 


Like Christmas Eve

There is a countdown of sleeps.

There are the butterflies in your belly when you think about actually having your new puppy in your arms, ready to transport them to their new home with you.

Nothing can reproduce those feelings of anticipation for your furry new arrival.

What you can do is be prepared for the inevitable!

Toilet accidents, chewing of all manner of things, sleepless nights while your new puppy cries at being away and in a new environment far from anything it knows. These are the things to expect when your new puppy takes centre stage in your household.

Follow general advice wisely, and leave the more ‘out there’ advice for once they’re settled and you know if their character might suit.

The best part of the entire experience is when they know their name. They look to you for comfort and support. They snore soundly after a run on the beach and flop onto their perfectly sized tweed dog bed. The places you scratch and the coddling you give become second nature.

You know their sounds and they know yours so much so that your own little dialogue develops.

The anticipation of new paws in the house is what life is all about for many of us. 

Sally can’t wait for Leia to arrive and the journey she will take them on.

It’s been a long time coming.


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